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“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Creativity, imagination encircles the world.”  -Albert Einstein

The dreams and the approaches of the students towards attaining education have always undergone a sea change.  It goes without saying that the earlier modes and methods of teaching and learning can no longer make “The Cut” for the “Next Gen”. They deserve a full-bodied and experiential form of schooling that not only delivers a solid foundation of learning for today, but also enables them to create their alleyway to success tomorrow.

At Shri Ram Global School, broadly commended as one of the Best School in Greater Noida West / Noida Extension, urbanized into the frame as the institution that believes in delivering unconditional Academic excellence, Value Culture and one of a kind; Right Brain Development to the young minds.

  • Lets’ begin riddling our way out, A fresh fruit and green vegetable seller is 48 years old, 180 cm tall and has size 8 in shoes. What does he weigh?
  • Hey got one more, Oh! in front is a Lion and just behind Jaguar. It’s so scary! I am armed with an anesthetic gun with only one shot. What should I do?


Didn’t a though of a riddle bring smile to you, so just visualize a learning centre, we do this much more with our ‘Right Brain Development’ Program.


WE all have 2 parts brain, the left and the right. Researches prove that a child’s brain develops at exponentially during the first three years, and the right part of the brain is actively more overriding in the phase. The right brain is the creative and inventive side of the brain and the functions include imagination, intuition, holistic thought and music/ art consciousness. Also, the right brain helps in subconscious learning and has the latent to work on large amount of data at  very fast rate. This leads to much deeper memory retention aptitude.


Whereas, the left part of the brain is accountable for the management of the right side of our body. The functions include logic, language, reasoning, Science and Math, number skills.


A RBD Room where kids are encouraged to be imaginative, creative and intuitive. At Shri Ram Global School, Right brain Development  training is aimed towards Pre – Primary students in order to reinforce the vital aspects that are related to the right side of the brain which deeply enhances the skill set and leads to fancies of Photographic Memory, Long-term Memory Ability, Larger Picture Mindset etc.


We should also not forget to highlight a significant submission, the right brain bridges us to our sense of being, so young children with dominating right-brain are fairly content being.

@SRGS the correct emphasis on right brain development is interwoven in the curriculum.


World-Class Infrastructure and State-of-the-Art Facilities

As per studies, a well-designed RBD (Right Brain Development) classroom setup can boost student performance. The classroom design can have a significant impact, so, it is very important to considerately and clearly think all facets of the design. We are complete with magnificent RBD Rooms that cater to activities such as link memory, flash cards, visual memory, tangram puzzles etc. which over a period of time shall strengthen our respective pedagogy.

BTW, answers to the riddle:

He weighs fruits and vegetables

  • The shot to the lion, sit in your super stylish Jaguar car and ride away.





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