We sense that ‘normal’ is not coming back, that we are being born into a new normal: a new kind of society, a new relationship to the earth, a new experience of being human.

*** Charles Eisenstein ***


The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused massive changes to our daily lives, changes that have often happened unexpectedly. Life adjustments often come with a wide range of experiences and emotions. Sometimes that changeover can feel smooth and other times that journey to the new normal is downright jarring!

The second wave of Covid-19 has come to an end and there is already talk about the third wave.  As a matter of fact, we don’t know how many waves are still out there waiting in a line but as more and more people are getting vaccinated, one thing is for sure that sooner or later pandemic has to bite the dust.

Digitalization and virtualization will be the new normal. Different work modes like remote working, hybrid working, and three model workings will be there. While outings along with the terms and conditions a new page describing a long list of precautions will be added. ‘Sustainable, recyclable, hygiene, sanitization’ will be new terms to attract a wide range of customers instead of using traditional terms like ‘discounts, sales’.

For a post-Covid lifestyle, we have to be adjustable enough to strike a balance between optimism and pessimism. People are saying that it takes a long time to return to normal life, but there is a catch here. Life is proportional to the time, there wasn’t and there will never be such a turn back where the life you lived in the past will return. Our lifestyle defines our definition of life and circumstances define our lifestyle. Circumstances are never the same and so does life. So it’s our call to cry on something which is not going to return or better prepare ourselves for the next unknown.

We hope that the blog will contribute to sketching out ideas of a world that is more sustainable, fairer and fit for the future and are very much looking forward to lively discussions.

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