Turn 2022 around with these New Year’s Resolution Hacks

Turn 2022 around with these New Year’s Resolution Hacks

We see the New Year as a blank slate. Shoot for the stars.  “2022 is going to be diverse. I’m going to get into shape, I’m going to read more, the sales target is going to have its best year ever!” You’ve probably heard something like this always: everyone loves making New Year’s resolutions. But let’s address the elephant in the room, years pass by and we seldom complete them.

The problem is that most people get too ambitious and set really tough goals, without any plan to follow or a structured rebound. Instead, tap into the energy and motivation that comes with the New Year, and harness it for real outcome. Here’s a TWO WAY deal that might help you successfully reclaiming the resolution.

Stick to 1 Resolution

Most people get tangled, before making it out of the last hour, by committing a simple, but critical mistake: they pick way too many resolutions. Oh Yes! there’s always a million ways to improve oneself, of course it’s tempting to try to do them all, however it is not feasible.

The reality is that if you have 10 New Year’s resolutions, you really have zero. Pinpoint one goal, and throw all your energy behind it.

When you set your New Year’s resolution, you need to cut through the noise, and focus on what’s really important. Think about what you want to achieve, and ask yourself, “Which of these would have the greatest impact on me?” Boom, that’s your New Year’s resolution.


2. Make it a habit

Once you’ve nailed down your New Year’s resolution, next is to buckle down on the discipline/behaviors that will take you closer to it. Take the larger goal, and break it down to even more manageable chunks.

Baby steps will build around, acquire momentum that snowballs into your desired end result. Please be notified, our brains have an immense ability to reward a sense of progress, however minute. These “small wins” every day, turn into habits and then smoothly fits to become a part of our routine.

Whether it’s every month, every week, maybe even every day, remember to ask, “Am I on track to hit my goal?” If the answer is anything but YES, then dig to the root causes of what’s holding you back. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to tweak your goal to get back up to speed.

Take the New Year by A Storm

We all willingly set them, then stop thinking about them by March, and no one cares. This reputation needs to go. This year pledge not to turn the resolution into a joke.

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