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Hello readers, hope that this read brings you in the best of comfort zone. The times have been so unpredictable and one feels that every scope of getting better is grounding back to zero. This uncertainty is causing a sink for all of us. However, one must remember ‘Nothing is permanent’! There would soon be a shining light that will evolve all of us to a new and fresh definition of free life.

So my love for reading generally takes me across some really good articles. Same is the case with this one from the credits of ‘News9live’. This brought me some insight that I thought is good to share across. So let’s dig in:

The World Health Organization has said Omicron is spreading faster than any previous COVID variant. A study from Hong Kong found that Omicron replicates 70

times faster in human airways, but infection in the lungs appears less severe. Debate due to its higher infectivity coupled with negligible lethality, Omicron may raise the population level immunity still higher, applying the ‘brake’ to the pandemic.

Amitav Banerjee said that he believed that Omicron is nature’s vaccine. What’s important to note is that the variant is not causing too much hospitalization and death. When it comes to vaccine, it is supposed to reduce hospitalization and death.

A South African study has found that an infection with the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 not just induces an immune response against this variant but also offers heightened protection against the Delta variant. As per the research, if Omicron displaces Delta and proves milder than past variants, the incidence of COVID-19 severe disease would be reduced and the infection may shift to become less disruptive to individuals and society.

South African scientists found that people infected with Omicron are 70 per cent less likely to develop severe disease compared with Delta. However, they also noted their study has limitations due to limited information on vaccination status and widespread immunity from prior infection.

Omicron may do more good than harm We certainly don’t have to worry about Omicron much and can let it run its course in the country, as it may do more good than harm. However, there could be a large number of people testing positive, thereby creating panic and increase in hospitalizations which could choke resources. In such a scenario, there could be a few patients who may actually need hospitalization and will be deprived of it.

We should avoid such diversion of resources to treat something that will turn out to be like a common cold. Omicron is COVID’s endgame Omicron will make COVID-19 endemic. This is nature’s law of adaptation. Darwin’s law of natural selections will be followed where those that kill do not go far, because either the host dies and eliminates the virus or the host isolates itself.

The high contagiousness does not necessarily translate to high lethality directly. Such strains promote population immunity with minimum casualties. Thousands of such mutations have already occurred with the novel corona virus, majority of them going undetected. In Omicron’s case, due to its higher infectivity coupled with negligible lethality, it may raise the population level immunity still higher, applying the ‘brake’ to the pandemic which has already entered the endemic state in India, bringing it to a dead halt.

Omicron has already replaced Delta. But, in the Indian context we can’t necessarily say it will be the case. This is because we have a large population, almost 70-80 per cent of it, that has developed immunity from COVID-19 through infection, prior to the roll out of vaccines. Natural infection is 13 times stronger than vaccine protection. Omicron will not be able to evade natural infection, and even if it does, it will only add to the herd immunity pool. Whoever has been left uninfected are more likely to contract Omicron, thereby completing the pool for herd immunity. Omicron in India will not spread as much as it is in US and UK. The large proportion of naturally acquired immunity in our country is the elephant in the room.

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